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Sustainable shifts: How to overhaul packaging for environmental gain

In this article, Adam Ryan, head of Pentawards, traces the evolution of some key sustainable packaging trends. Over the last 10 years, packaging has undergone a major sea-change. Where functionality has been king traditionally, the impact packaging is having on the planet is now fast becoming the most urgent issue. Sustainability is now valued much more by consumers than has been in the past. Recent research from Getty Images, which surveyed 10,000 people globally, found that 81% of consumers

Sarah Weir OBE: How air pollution can be tackled through city design

In the face of growing public health crises directly related to pollution, a top priority for Boris Johnson’s new housing secretary, Robert Jenrick, should be ensuring that we’re building homes in the right places and in the right ways to limit the harmful effects of pollution. The priority needs to be the quality of our housing stock, not just the quantity - which is the risk amidst such a critical national housing shortage. This is particularly urgent in London where air pollution is one of

Opinion: We need creative minds to guide us out of this crisis – look at what we’re trying to do in Greece

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered some of the biggest economic and social challenges we have had to face in decades, so world leaders might be forgiven for not prioritising the creative industries. However, my experience working in the design industry, for Google, and now as Chief Creative Officer for Greece, has shown me that creativity, innovation and technology can be critical factors in rebuilding a country at a time of crisis. I started out as a self-taught graphic designer who caught

Adapt or die: How Gen Z are leading a revolution in physical retail

Even before the pandemic, our digitally saturated world was causing consumers to increasingly seek out physical retail experiences, especially younger consumers. 81% of Gen Z prefer shopping in physical spaces than online because it offers them a chance to discover new products and disconnect from social media. Now, as a result of global lockdowns, this hunger for IRL experiences will be bigger than ever and brands need to be ready to meet this demand.

12 Months Later: How Consumer Tech Has Responded to the Pandemic

One year on from a wave of global lockdowns, consumer tech companies around the world are beginning to reflect on how well they adapted to seismic changes in customer needs. Many of them had to pivot their offering overnight to address heightened concerns and values around hygiene, health, home and wellness. However, in the process, some have rushed down the path of developing solutions which address short term opportunities, rather than longer term needs. This has led to product launches whic

How the pandemic is reshaping UX design for brands | Digital

Many people have experienced a negative impact on their mental health during self-isolation. But while we've had physical restrictions imposed on us, our inner and emotional worlds have still been free to roam and interact with the digital world in new and unprecedented ways. In this situation, how brands use digital UX and digital design have come to play a key role in helping us stay connected, feel less isolated, and meet our day-to-day practical needs, highlighting what we really need from

Paul Drake: "There is hope for young designers in all this uncertainty"

Whenever there is an economic shock it feels like the risk for creativity is disproportionate; both educationally and economically. Despite D&AD’s 40th year of the New Blood Awards being as remarkable as ever, the new generation of global talent ready to take their next step into the creative industry are facing great uncertainty. Instead of being able to pick the most exciting opportunities, backed up by networking, practical workshops and face-to-face opportunities provided by universities, m

Trends of 2020: The year in packaging design

With a sharp increase in ecommerce this year, packaging design has had to work harder than ever to get people’s attention. Here, Adam Ryan, head of packaging design competition Pentawards, identifies the key trends of 2020 As 2020 draws to a close, there is no doubt that this year will be a memorable one for all the wrong reasons. However, in these times of struggle and hardship, we have seen creativity and innovation soar. In the world of packaging design, much of this has been an acceleration

Vegan brands must move beyond a self-limiting strategy

The boom of the vegan category is already set to be one of the big success stories of 2020. However, the days of its steady ascent are numbered if the brands involved continue their current path of positioning themselves as a meat substitute. As the non-alcoholic beer and wine categories have shown us, defining brands by what they are not gets them only so far. Ultimately, it’s a self-limiting strategy. Instead, vegan brands need to flip their approach and begin defining themselves by what they

Health versus tech: the battle for trust

The health-tech race has been intensifying recently. A string of announcements have revealed how the tech giants are escalating their efforts to muscle in on this burgeoning market, which is expected to reach $509.2bn by 2025, according to Grand View Research. In the past couple of months alone, Google has acquired FitBit and details have emerged about its controversial deal with healthcare provider Ascension, which gives Google access to millions of medical records across the US. Meanwhile, Am

The ‘Made in China’ u-turn: China as a superior manufacturing powerhouse

“What’s most interesting about the recent Huawei furore is that this is China influencing not through dark subterfuge but through technological superiority.” Made in China used to be a byword for poor quality, dangerous or imitation goods produced in bulk in the ‘world’s factory’. Longstanding concerns ranged from product safety and unethical practices to food contamination and human rights abuse and tainted the reputation of Chinese production, engineering and manufacturing alike. So, it is so

China must not let itself be branded as above the law

We regularly hear how China is advancing towards becoming a superpower in the areas of technology, arts and culture, fuelled and supported by registering new patents, trademarks and copyright. But we also hear damning reports of IP infringement, both of foreign and local brands. Respecting IP is a fundamental principle of any modern economy and its widespread disrespect kills innovation, competition, and trust – essential pillars of any economy if it's set to sustain long-term growth. Continui

Preparing and Scoping Out Opportunities Post-Brexit

Anu Shah, CEO of ZAG, discusses the possibilities and opportunities in the fallout of Brexit after the deadline to leave the EU was extended. As part of a growth consultancy and as an investor in start-ups, I am often meeting people powered on a “glass half full” philosophy. As CEO, the glass is, of course, always half full and half empty. Our task is to manage tapping into new opportunities while also future-proofing the organisation against adversity. Brexit is a great prism to test this appr

The State of Luxury; Shifting From The Unobtainable To The All-Obtainable and What It Means For Brands

If ever we needed confirmation about the rapidly redefined boundaries of luxury, it’s the fact that millennials and Gen Z are set to represent 40% of the luxury market by 2025. Brands across the board are having to swiftly adapt to reflect the values of this emerging consumer group, one that cares less about superior heritage, extravagance and excess, and more about transparency, ethics, purpose and experience. Exclusivity is still relevant, but for this entrepreneurial and empowered consumer g
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